Sunday, July 9, 2017

Number of the Day + Freebie!!!!

Happy Sunday!!! 

On my last entry, I spoke about my decision to jump into the world of teacher-preneurship. I must say I have really enjoyed learning more and more about creating and selling products! It gives me a way to think outside of the box. More so, thinking about what would other teachers need if they were using this resource. I have tons of things I have created in the past, but they were made especially for me by me!

Well, this week I've learned about clip art and fonts and how to make your product look desirable, interesting and fun! Since I am just starting out, I do not have the funds to buy as many fonts, backgrounds, borders, frames and clip art images (a lot right??) as I would like. So, freebies have been my friend this week! Bless the wonderful artist to have helped beginners like me with a few freebies of their work. If you are just starting out you may want to check out some of these wonderful and thoughtful artist: 

I've spent some major free time this week (mostly while the kids were at camp) creating a great product to use this school (or shall I say next school year)! Every year, my class starts really strong with practicing basic math skills such as counting and cardinality, making a ten, and writing numbers in word form. We practice this using one of my favorite activities NUMBER OF THE DAY!!! 

At the beginning of each year, as we are introducing and practicing routines and procedures, I like to roll out certain classroom staples that we will use for the entire year such as NoTD. I love this activity because it gives students a chance to practice how numbers work and expressing numbers in different ways. However, year after year, I always ran into ONE major problem: the kids simply got bored doing the same thing day (even though the numbers were different. 

Soooooo..... I decided to create number of the day practice sheets that enhanced what we were already doing in our Math curriculum. If we were working on decomposing with number bonds our NoTD practice was to decompose with number bonds. 

This simple tweak to NoTD changed my Math block! My students loved showing what they have learned in our math lesson using NoTD. As the year progressed and we learned new skills, I would let the kids choose which sheet they would like to do for NoTD. They loved it! 

To grab a free snippet of my super awesome Number of the Day Packet click here!
If you would like the full version of my uber awesome Number of the Day Packet click here!

Have an AMAZING week!


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