Sunday, July 16, 2017

TpT and Teacher-prenuar Update!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
Welcome back! This week has been a whirlwind in the land of TpTing and teacher-prenuarship, I'm so excited to share what I have learned so far! Let's jump right in!

Last week, I created and uploaded my first paid resource on TeachersPayTeachers. I must admit, I'm very nervous to see if others will buy it, and more importantly if others will like it! I wanted to make sure I created something that I have experience in using to share with the world. I also made a "snippet" of this packet as a freebie to introduce my paid resource. Well, after about a week, quite a few people have downloaded the freebie, which is AMAZING!! I've had others preview the paid version (which is also Amazing!). This tells me that others are actually viewing my work and visiting my page! That's more than I can ask for since I am a beginner, so I am totally stoked!

This week, I browsed the TpT website and came upon a little jewel called "TpT University". This forum is truly magnificent if you are just starting out and are completely OVERWHELMED. It gives step by step directions and advice from fellow teachers and TpT leaders about any and every possible topic or question you may have. You will also learn more about creating resources, copyrighting, securing and flattening clip art, and so much more. Any question I could think of, I found an answer in the TpT University forum. I strongly suggest new sellers begin by reviewing this forum.

I also discovered the TpT seller's forum. When I say, OMG!!! I mean, OMG!!! I needed a space to talk to other teachers and ask for advice about this journey. There are veteran seller's who are more than willing to review, advise and mentor newbies like myself. The only downside is that once I posted in the forum, my thread got "lost" amongst the others. I'm not sure if there is a way to search for only my thread so that I can see the response from the other fantastic teachers. I asked for other teachers to review my store and to give feedback on anything I should improve. The great teacher-contributors did not disappoint! Within hours, I received great advice on how to better the look of my store and how to copyright every page of my products. I even had a teacher-contributor send me a personal email with GREAT advice and she offered to answer any other questions I had. This type of support is often unheard of, (especially coming from perfect strangers) I am so glad TpT offers this type of forum.

As many have stated, TpT is not a get-rich-overnight type of business. It takes a lot of dedication and meticulous work in order to begin to make money. As for me, I'm ok with putting in the work. I am even more confident in my decision to become a teacher-prenuar after witnessing the large amount of support given by fellow teachers! It is simply amazing. If you are just beginning your TpT journey (like me!) I highly suggest you get acquainted with the TpT website, TpT University and the Seller's forum.