Sunday, August 6, 2017

Growth Mindset!


This is officially my last Sunday of summer vacation 😢. Today, the staff received our first official "Welcome Back" email from our Principal (even though we do not start until Wednesday). All in all, I'm pretty excited to start this new school year and to meet my new babies! I've used this past week to begin planning the first few days of school, writing out my routines and procedures and checking out my "Back to School" books from my local library. This has been a pretty busy week to say the least!

Growth Mindset Read-Alouds

My favorite thing to do within the first few weeks of school is to teach about Growth Mindset. What is growth mindset? Well, it's the belief that your abilities can be developed through hard work and perseverance. It entails the belief that a student can succeed in any subject area by working hard to attain goals. My favorite idea behind Growth Mindset is "the power of yet". This means, I may not be able to do it yet, but I will keep trying until I learn. 

I highly recommend teachers to learn about and teach growth mindset. There are many, many resources on Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers to use. Also, there are tons of books dedicated to "Growth Mindset" and the idea of never giving up. Here are a few I plan to use this year: 
These books are great from community building and teaching Growth mindset! I can not wait to read these books to my students and create our classroom decor based on what we have learned (you can check out my Do Unto Otters blog post and grab a freebie here!). Growth mindset is a magnificent way to teach students that it is OK not to know how to do something and that they just may not be able to do it yet! 

What resources do you use to build your classroom community and to promote Growth Mindset? Use the comments to share! I would love to hear from you! 

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Until next time, have an AMAZING week!


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